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Women's Health

Accelerating innovation, investment, research, partnerships, and advocacy, to improve the access and quality of healthcare for women worldwide.

About the Women's Health Innovation Series

The Women’s Health Innovation Series is a global platform that brings together pivotal stakeholders and industry leaders paving the way in women’s health. Championing not only female-specific verticals such as menopause, and menstrual care, WHIS also champions unmet needs in areas that differently, or disproportionately affect women, such as cardiovascular health and brain health. Our core mission is to promote and enhance innovation, strategic investments, cutting-edge research, strategic partnerships, and resounding advocacy to revolutionize healthcare quality and accessibility for women on a global scale.

WHIS is dedicated to accelerating early-stage innovation, with startups and emerging companies forming a core component of our audiences and broader community. WHIS also brings together large multinational corporations at the forefront of pharmaceutical and medical device development, investors that span from women’s health focused VCs to larger investment banks, service providers such as CROs and lawyers, regulatory bodies, non-profit organisations and research institutions, and payers.

Our WHIS Community

Over 30,000 innovators, accelerators, investors and advocates make up our community of women's health leaders.

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    Senior Leaders

    We pride ourselves in bringing together the most senior leaders in the industry. Our in-person events have a 40% C-Level/Founder seniority. 

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    Global Reach

    Our community spans all geographies. If you're looking to reach a certain audience, we can help you

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    Social Channels

    Our social community has more than doubled in the last 12 months. 8,000 women's health players now interact with us on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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    Connections are key

    We understand the industry wants more touch points. Our extended 2024 calendar creates multiple opportunities for the industry to connect.

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    Recent Case Studies

    Discover some of our latest Case Studies with our network of women's health leaders...